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Winnipeg River Sasquatch Association Official Report Form

Please note for users who do not support a mail client program, such as Eudora 6.1 or Outlook Express, you will have to copy and paste this form.

Welcome to the report page. This has been a long time in the making, but here it is. Follow each step and be
sure to review your data carefully. Mail the page when you are ready to send the report to me.
Please do not submit false or joke reports. They will not get published.
Thanks and have a good day!

Please give a very short description, as this will be the report title

Date of report Submittal.

Location (Province/state - Country)

Location Specifics, if any.

Please enter the date of the actual sighting.

Tell us what you saw and / or heard

Nearest Town/City.

Nearest road.

Other eye-witnesses?

Other reports from the area?

Time/Weather Conditions.

Natural surroundings (i.e. treed, rocky, etc.)

Pictures/Audio/video captured?

Any physical evidence in the sighting area? (i.e. hair, tracks, etc)

Explanation of the encounter type ranking system:
Class 1 - Visual and / or physical encounter.
Class 2 - Heard (i.e. screams) with physical evidence, if any.
Class 3 - Physical evidence only.

About the WRSA Director:
A graduate of the Natural Resources Management field with extensive field experience as well as wildlife biology, zoology and microbiology experience. An independant researcher.

** Note: The real names of the witnesses and individuals are not used in this report. For the purposes of this report and other related public information with connections to this report, the name of an individual shall be replaced by the word "witness". Under the revised Canadian Privacy Act, as well as the Winnipeg River Sasquatch Association, confidentiallity of an individual will remain intact.

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As a Canadian citizen, as well as international citzens, your privacy is protected. I have provided a link below if you choose to follow up on it.

Official Canadian Privacy Act link Quick link to the act and related documents.