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About the Winnipeg River Sasquatch Association

The newly designed crest

The Winnipeg River Sasquatch Association is a non-profit organization devoted to the study of the sasquatch. We do not beleive in harming this creature in any way, shape or form and do not support any individual(s) out to kill it just for acknowledgement.

The Association is located in the beautiful Blue Water Country area, along the shores of the majestic Winnipeg River in Central-Eastern Manitoba. Our location is scenic and very well suited to sasquatch research. The terrain lies in a geographic transition zone. North of, and including the Winnipeg River, lies the Canadian Shield, which is covered with thousands of Granite rock outcrops, dense coniferous forests, hardwoods, and swamps. A few kilometres to the south lies the open plains. This area is flat with wide open spaces dotted with agricultural activity. Manitoba has the distinction of being dubbed as the "land of 100 000 lakes", and rightly so.

We are very proud to study the sasquatch, and are becoming affiliated with more groups as time goes by.

If you have any inquiries about our organization please feel free to contact us.


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