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Suggested reading and DVD.

"Read a good book" still does hold true in today's age of technology. Long before the internet was available to the public books about the sasquatch were being written. The first person who comes to mind is John Green, a legendary Canadian and widely respected sasquatch researcher. Information has been compiled since the 1950's about this subject, and a lot of the information contained in the books cannot be found on the internet to this day. I have compiled a listing of suggested reading. All these books are written by well known and respected researchers. From personal experience the books have expanded my horizons on the subject for the better.

DVD is another good resource. There are a few really good sasquatch documentaries out there and movies based on true stories. The formats are available on VHS of course. If you are curious now, then read throught the list. Enjoy!

Sasquatch the apes among us. John Green
Bigfoot on the track of the sasquatch. John Green
Meet the Sasquatch. Christopher L. Murphy, in association with John Green and Thomas Steen burg.
Sasquatch. Don Hunter with Rene Dahinden
The search for Bigfoot monster, myth or man?. Peter Byrne
North America's great ape the Sasquatch. John A. Bindernagel

Sasquatch: Legend meets science. Whitewolf Entertainment
Operation Nightscream 2003.