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My view of the subject

The creature known as the Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Abominable snowman, Yeti and Yowie (to name a few) has been debunked and ridiculed by science for decades now. I am only going to say this once; "science wants physical proof of the creature, which could be bones or the whole body. Thoughout the years this evidence has not been collected and expeditions proven in vain. However, I have read the reports from all over the world, spoken with eyewitnesses who have seen the beast, read the books, seen various documentaries and have seen the sasquatch with my own eyes. Many characteristics repeat themselves, no matter what source you get information from. Because of this the negative opinions of the scientific community do not deter me in my search. One merely has to see with their own eyes to become a beleiver!" With that being said, the general opinion is beginning to change slowly. This is due to sightings on a daily basis from all over the world by people like you and I. In Canada the creature is known as the sasquatch and Manitoba has the second highest rate of sightings in the country, next to British Columbia / Alberta. If you read the quick facts about Manitoba it is easy to see why we have such a high index of sightings.
After many hours of research in the library, internet and out in the field, I have started to put together maps and write articles. What is striking is that many of our sightings are in close proximity to each other. This is demonstrated in the northern Interlake area, near Easterville and Grand Rapids. I pursued some answers as to why and discovered that the area has a limestone geology, riddled with hundreds of caves. It would seem logical that if there were something out there, it could avoid detection by hiding in these caves. This area has the highest concentration of sightings in the province.
To illustrate my point here are 2 maps. Population density vs. vegetation cover.

population density in Manitoba

Vegetation cover on Manitoba
vegetation key></center><br>
   To sum it up, I believe there is a sasquatch population out there. At the age of ten I had a terrifying encounter, and have been searching for years now. Could it be coincidence that people from all over the world describe the same thing and they do not know each other? I think not. There are too many eye-witness sightings now to call it a hoax! There is lots of physical evidence also, such as footprints. As each day goes by, and more evidence is gathered it can't be ignored anymore. The day will come when a sasquatch is captured.</font></p>
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Forest fires vs. sightings

I have a theory that is being lookied into right now. When an area burns the wildlife population moves on to a new area to feed. The predators follow of course. The goal is to find any corrrelations between wildlife migration and sasquatch sightings. This is a major task and will take time to complete. Will keep you posted.

Photo Inversion

One night I accidentally turned a picture into a negative in photoshop. The background in the picture became a lot easier to see. Look for yourself....
Broadlands sighting area tree damage Broadlands sighting area tree damage photo inverted
As you can see the regular picture looks normal, but you can't see anything beyond the brush. In the enhanced picture anything dense beyond the normal line of sight is dark blue to black. This seems to be a good tool and will use it from now on.

Strange happenings in the immediate area.

Well where do I start here? These events are based on the stories as told by other individuals, as well as myself.
One day in early January my spouse took our dog out for an afternoon walk down the trails behind town. These trails wind through dense bush and is very scenic. When they got home I was told of some extremely strange behavior on the dog's part. Let me say first that the dog loves to run wide circles as far away as 100 metres. The dog had apparently stuck close on this walk and would wander no more than a few metres ahead. At one point she stopped and whined and came back with tail tucked between the legs. She was also looking in the same direction, no matter what trail they would go down. This was reported and it was interesting. The dog has never been scared of anything and has chased black bears out of the yard. My spouse commented it felt like she was being watched by something.
A few days later another individual had commented that their dog was acting very strangely in the bush, which was a few hundred metres from the first observation. Another case of the dog staying at the side with fear...not running wild, as normal. This individual had noted this behavior was strange indeed.
Two days later yet another individual had reported that their relatives dog did not want to go into the bush. This dog was always willing to go out to the bush. The comment made was that it was odd behaviour.
Throughout all of this I had been out and about one night for a walk by myself. There was a gentle south breeze blowing in from the bush line. All of a sudden I caught an awful stench that made me stop. It reeked of rotten fish and vomit (that's the best I could describe it)and it was extremely overpowering. I made a noise as I almost gagged and the smell disappeared. I had never smelled anything like this, and I have spent hundreds of hours out in the bush.
About one week after I took the dog out for a late night walk (approx. 11:00 PM) down the trails. On the way back the dog ran ahead a few metres, stopped, looked ahead, whined then ran back to me with her tail btween her legs. My reaction was to get to town as fast as possible because something struck me as not being right. I have always been one to take note of my dog's reactions because the sense of smell and hearing are 100 times better than ours.
The final event was a sighting of strange tracks in the snow. I don't honestly know what made them, but the size of the imprints were at least 5 times mine and the strides were 6 -7 feet apart. I returned the next day and took a picture with a ruler for scale. I have lived here most of my life and this was a first. The photo is here and you can make your own decisions.
I have no solid proof of what was in the area, but the evidence was out there and observed by more than one person. In the last 3 weeks the dogs are running freely without a care in the bush. Very stange indeed.

Strange comaprison of foot prints

There is an interesting correlation between the Fouke, Arkansas prints and prints seen in Poplar River, Manitoba. Foot casts taken in both locations had only 3 toes. There are several hundred Kilometres separting these two places, but it brings to mind many theories. Could this be the same creature or is there a distinct sub-species present? My research continues.

Operation Nights Scream.(On hold)

Summer is eventually getting here slowly and I am looking forward to the night expeditions. Operation night scream is simply playing back the sasquatch screams through a loud speaker mounted on top of the vehicle in any given location. I must say that these screams are not proven sasquatch vocalizations, but alleged ones. However,the wave patterns do not match any known creatures in the classified animal kingdom.
The result I am hoping for is an answer or a sighting. Any results will be posted here on this page.
There is one cautionary note to research of this nature. No one knows yet what the different screams mean. I would advise anyone doing this NOT TO DO THIS ALONE! If an answer does come back be prepared for a possible confrontation. It is always best to do this sort of work with a group of people and have a good spotlight ready. The sasquatch has been known to stop when bright lights are shone in the eyes. They are nocturnal creatures. If anyone has had success with this I would like to hear from you!
With that said, I have chosen a number of nights to go out on. I will keep you posted on the results.

May 03/04
The calling has begun. I have chosen a fairly remote area. The calls were played with 5 minute intervals for about 30 minutes. Nothing answered, but this was only the first time. If anything does answer, it will take multiple visits to the area. Patience is key.

May 16/04
I have returned to my calling spot twice more now. I have learned that the screams scare everything away, but the deer. An observation note: the deer actually came closer to the car. My spotlight revealed at least ten deer at the bush line looking. This is probably just a curiosity thing, but why did everything else leave? This was evident by the birds flying away and creatures crashing through the bush away from the sounds. I must look into this. I have had no return calls, but the research will continue at this location.
On another note I have thought about what types of calls may attract a sasquatch. An interesting theory is playing sounds of wounded animals, such as deer. The recording of a wolf pack howling may also attract one. Sometimes howling indicates a celebration by the pack of a fresh kill. Anything larger than a wolf may come to investigate. The work goes on!