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Sasquatch Multi Media.


Welcome to the multi media page. The videos here require Real Player. Here is the download link if you need it. Real Player download. Enjoy the videos!

Sasquatch Video.

Sasquatch, Yeti and YerenAn interesting documentary.
Freeman footageThe Paul Freeman footage.

RedwoodsThe redwoods video.
BukwasFrom the coast of British Columbia.
Harley HoffmanHarley's thoughts, and a close up from the Freeman footage.
The Luxembourg VideoA fleeting glance at something large and hairy.
The Bradshaw sightingA dramatic re-enactment of one family's encounter.
Rene DahindenAn older Television interview.
Tim Martindale sightingCTV news clip from B.C.

Sasquatch Sounds.

There are sasquatch recordings in existence. They are found at the Oregon Bigfoot Organization website and come from various locations. Many thanks to them for allowing us to link to them!

Oregon Bigfoot.comThe sound recordings of the sasquatch.

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